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Our body oils will leave your skin feeling radiant! We have tons of fragrances to choose from! Of course it’s a body oil…but it’s less greasy…the fragrances are long lasting and the oil is long lasting as well!! Keep your body feeling good and smelling good!


Benefits of body oil

✨ Locks in moisture

✨ Improves skin texture

✨ Reduce the appearance of scars & stretch marks

✨ Improves blood circulation & sleep quality


You can use this oil in several different ways! You can add some to your bathing water…you can also use it as a massage oil and of course all over your body!

Oils are randomly picked! If you would like to pick your scents please leave in the notes!! If not picked I will make the decision!

Ingredients for body oils: sweet almond, apricot kernel oil, sunflower oil & jojoba oil, fragrance oil, essential oil & etc

Body oil bundle

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